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place. klay thompson 1-11 as washington state trying to stay in the race. the pac-10 leader in the men's program is cal and they have a great match tomorrow against arizona, one versus two. and you can see it on many of these stations. washington state really need as basket. they're going klay thompson. koprivica. the extra pass. capers. and he misses. they're unselfish, but they just can't put it down. isaiah thomas. for three. >> miles: attacking the zone defend. overton pushes it up over the middle. thomas gets the wide open three. >> steve: washington state has not scored a field goal in this half. and moore is going to the foul line on a foul. >> miles: overton gets a deep outlet. zone defense can't get set. thomas has the perfect follow-through and splashes the three point shot. >> steve: the foul on overton, not thomas and that is venoy's third personal foul sending reggie moore to the free-throw line. six minutes have passed and washington state, with a great distance on the road. the crowd giving it to reggie moore. he's a seattle mats differennat. >> steve: that blocking foul
point shooting teams and washington did a fantastic job defensively on those in this building. >> miles: they'll need it get out to these guys today. maybe we'll see a little zone defense at some point because right now the man-to-man defense is getting sliced up. >> steve: enquist comes in for washington state. reggie moore also back in. pondexter makes it a 23-16 game. isaiah thomas defending clay thompson who tries to back him down. he still has been shut out, on the leading scorer has not scored in the first ten minutes of this game. >> miles: start play, i'll live with that shot. he recognizes smaller defend, i'm 6'6", he's 5'8", i can get to the shot that i want to get to. he just didn't knock it down. >> steve: second foul on bryan-amaning. he may have to come out. at the free-throw line is charlie enquist, sophomore from edmonds, washington. talks to matthew bryan-amaning. they'll need his rebounding and shot blocking ability. second personal foul early in this game. >> miles: they're in the bonus halfway through the first half. these guys are going to the line for one and one o
>>> earlier in the season on halloween night washington's andray blatche offered hometown fans a glimpse of his yet untapped potential. the five year forward displayed an array of shot making inside and out. dribble drives and jumpers on his way to a career high 30 points. tonight he leads the wizards up to new jersey to take on a nets squad desperately seeking to change their miss fortunes. from the garden state the nets host the wizards on comcast >> comcast sportsnet brings you wizards basketball. a chance for their second win this season over brook lopez and the 4-40 new jersey nets. hi folks it is great to have you here for wizards hoops on steve buck hans with phil shown ears. looking for somebody to step things up phil perhaps that will be andray blatche when these teams met back in late october enjoyed his best night as a pro. >> the homeowner he had a career high 30 points in that game. only missed 3 shots going 15 of 18. variety of shots inside outside even a three-pointer. he continued that stellar play 17 points and 6 or 7 rebound, but the last few weeks his play
the options tonight on "washington week." >> we don't quit. i don't quit. gwen: the president's big speech casts a spotlight on a critical political dilemma. >> we have to recognize that we face more than a deficit of dollars right now. we face a deficit of trust. gwen: he took on washington. >> what frustrates the american people is a washington where every day is election day. gwen: but blames his own failings on poor communication. >> i take my share of the blame for not explaining it more clearly to the american people. gwen: and today the president took his complaint directly to his most consistent detractors, house republicans. >> i am one of 22 house freshmen. we didn't create this mess but we are here to help clean it up. gwen: what happens now? on job creation? on health care? on bipartisanship? >> we're going to look for common ground but we're not going to roll over on our principles. gwen: after a year of modest successes and setbacks, we assess the state of the union with the reporters covering the week. peter baker of "the new york times." dan balz of "the washington post." g
. there are the areas under the gun south of washington, including you folks into southern maryland. we have very dry air pushing in. that's keeping the snow away for a while but not until about mid morning to early afternoon. i updated things now in washington, the immediate area, especially southern suburbs. it's a very fluffy snow. we may be seeing five inches, but down towards fredericksburg and richmond, 9, 10, 11 inches of snow. southern maryland could be seeing some of that. it will be a very fluffy snow. there's a little more of a northerly track and some places still within the viewing area just a dusting. other areas will be looking at a foot of snow tomorrow. more of the details when i join you. >> thanks, bob. >>> a high school basketball coach ran out of jail tonight trying to avoid our camera. she is accused of having a sexual relationship with an underage student. the accusations against the coach at seneca valley high school in germantown led to her dismissal. darcy spencer is at the detention center with more. >> reporter: that volunteer coach was released from jail about an hour or
, crashes due to any kind of distracted driving will continue. in washington, i'm lindsay mastus. >>> last year dc police issued 11,871 citations for driving while talking or texting on the phone. be honest. do you use your phone when you're behind the wheel and does it make a difference if your kids are perhaps in the car? join the conversation at dc.momslikeme.com. >>> the ongoing pedal problem. a look at the latest on toyota's massive recall and what's being done to fix it. >>> and that all important snowy weekend forecast. you'll want to keep it right here. thanks for coming back out. sure. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you". tell him "he's welcome", but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] hundreds of channels, thousands of movies, and three times more very satisfied customers than comcast. this is beyond cable. this
the ptions tonigh on "washington week." >> we don quit. i don't quit. gwen: t president's big speech castsa spotlight on a critical political ilemma. we have o recognize that we face more tn a deficit f dollars right now. weface a deficit of tst. gwen: he took on washington. >> what rustrates the america people is a ashington where every day is election day. gwen: but blamehis own failings on poor cmmunication. >> i take my hare of the bla for not eplaining it mor clearlto the american people. gwen: and today the preident took his complaint dirctly to hi most consistent detractors house republicns. >> am one of 22 house freshmen. we ddn't creat this mess but are here to help clea it up. gwen: wh happens now on job creation? on ealth care? on bipartisahip? >> we're gng to lookfor common ground but we'r not going to roll over n our principles. gw: after a year of modest successes and setbacks, we assess the statef the union with the reprters coverin the wee peter baker of "he new york times." dabalz of "the washington post." oria borger of nn. andjohn harris politico. > award-winning eportin
theoptions tonit on "washington week." >> we d't quit. i don't quit gwen:he president's b speech cast a spolight ona critical politicaldilemma. >> we haveto recoizethat we face more han a deficit of dollars right now. face a dficit of trust. gwen: he took on washngton. >> whafrustrates the amerin people is a washingtonwhere every day is election day. gwen: but blams his own failings on poor ommunication. >> i take myshare of the blme for not xplaining it me cleay to the american peopl gwen: and today the prsident took his complaint diectly to s most consient detracto, house republans. i am one of 22 ouse freshmen. we idn't creae this mess but we are here to help cln it up gwen: at happens no? on jobcreation? on health care? on bipartinship? >> we'reoing to look for common ground but wee not going to roll overon our principles. en: after a year o modest successes and setback we asse the sta of the union with the reorters coverg the wk. peter baker of the new york times." n balz of "the washington post." gloria borger of cnn. and jhn harris of olitico. >>award-winning reprting an analys
it wh washington but not necsarily with the president, although it is clear that the numbers of americanthink the presint has paid too little atttion to the economy and too much to health care. wednesday ght, the president was talking lot about jobs. >> people arout of wor ey are hurting. they need our help. i want a jobs bill on my desk withoudelay. >> a yrgo, much of the country was in love th young president read a lot of that has faded. a loof his criti say that he is to detach and use riegel. t think the speech- and to strugg. do you think the speech took care of that, mark? >> can this marriage be saved? polls are-1 in favoraldry these pos are badly misleading,- 2-1 favorab. theseolls are badly misleading, because theyeflect the audience that what is it, whh is partisan. this speech will not be a game changer, to use e washington cliche. it is a ep in the right direction, but a sll step. >> charl? >> ihought it w a great success, apart from being arrogant, condescding, dismissive, self-coling, petulant, and lecturing itown. it was wderful. look, this is a man who was re
for snow into the washington area. everybody hopefully happy about that. it's landing on a weekend. we do have a winter weather advisory for the d.c. metro area. we have a winter storm warning that starts once you get down fords fredericksburg and stafford, waldorf, st. mary's county, you are under the warning. right here around town, a winter weather advisory. we could get well more than six inches down from frericksburg into the southern part of our viewing area. temperatures, bone-chilling cold. a lot of spots not reporting snow yet, because it's going to take a long time. very dry here at the ground. it is going to take a while for the snowflakes to saturate the atmosphere. it will start snowing here mid to late morning and it will snow all afternoon long today. >> it should be pretty if you like the stuff. >> i love the snow. >> thanks, chuck. >>> virginia is under a state of emergency as the storm moves in. chuck bell saying the counties around fredericksburg like stafford, spotsylvania and king george could get 6 to 8 inches. they have pretreated the roads to have up to 100 pieces
know it's not true. >> joining us from washington is cnn political editor mark preston. mark, we saw the president go to that republican retreat and we saw the sparring. what i want to know is was there anyone that gained politically because of this? >> you know, a very good question, because i was talking to a democratic lobbyist very early this morning, and he raised that same question. he said, look, president obama went there, he seemed to do very well because he was willing to engage republicans on their turf. republicans probably did okay because they were willing to here president obama out. the question is did congressional democrats do well, because if president obama, you know, goes to one of these events and he's critical of congressional democrats, which he was there, as well as congressional republicans, for the bitterness that is -- that we're seeing on capitol hill, are they going to lose out. so, you know, it's something we'll see play out over the next few months. but, you know, look, they were very civil, they didn't agree on the issues, and i don't really expect th
and wind. and in a snowy washington, d.c., president obama met with former president george h.w. bush. apparently it was just for a social meeting. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> let's talk again about toyota, one of the biggest automakers in this country. as more recalls are recalled with potentially sticky accelerators, we heard from the japanese automaker president issue an apology saying our vehicles are indeed safe. what do you do if you own a toyota, and how do you get some assurance now that safety is still first for toyota? we've got with us from detroit executive director of "auto week" magazine and autoweek.com. i want to reiterate what the associated press is reporting, that the u.s. government approved a part by toyota to keep the gas pedal from sticking. don't know if that part is from japan or in the u.s. apparently it will be made available across this country come thursday. how does this strike you? >> it strikes me as odd because i don't know they figured out what the problem is exactly. is this going to fix -- is this the shim? is this because of the conde
lawmakers to task for changing the tone in washington. >> the way these issues are being presented, by the republicans, is that this is some wild-eyed plot to impose huge government in every aspect of our lives. what happens is, you guys then don't have a lot of room to negotiate with me. >> reporter: the gop response to the president's visit, cautious optimism. >> it's unprecedented in my 26 years. it's a little bit like a first date. both are anticipative. they're expectant. they both have friends that didn't want them to do it. >> reporter: house republicans say their party has been mislabeled as the party of no. and they urge the president to consider their plans for deeper tax cuts and health care reform. the president promised to review those plans. >> all right, rachel. >>> for all the people that crashed c-spans serverers. >>> ron is here withhe rest of the news on afghanistan. >> good morning, everyone. four afghan soldiers have been killed in a clash between an afghan army unit and a joint afghan force, that both mistook the other for the enemy. they were conducting separ
a la corte... si es econtrado culpable podria enfrentar cadena perpetua... en washington hay desencanto contra la administracion del presidente obama porque no estaria inmpulsando suficientemente el debate para cambiar la ley de inmigracion y la legalizacion...fernando pizarro tiene el informe.. ...este miercoles el presidente obama dedico 12 segundos en el discurso sobre el estado de la nacion al tema de la inmigracion. "y debieramos continuar la labor de arreglar el sistema roto de inmigracion, asegurar las fronteras y hacer cumplir las leyes, y asegurar que todos los que sigan las reglas puedan contribuir a nuestra economia." pero esos escasos doce segundos tienen desilusionados y molestos a organizaciones pro-inmigrante. "estamos decepcionados porque el presidente no uso las palabras reforma migratoria integral. si menciono el tema y es importante. sabemos que la casa blanca esta haciendo mucho trabajo para promover este asunto, pero nos ayudaria si el presidente levanta su voz en favor con mas detalles. " la casa blanca esta trabajando a puer
the oxygen tube, washington, and the economy will grow. >> the economy growing is what gdp is telling you. >> you could be right. i'm not saying it's entirely -- obviously any president can take credit for any good number and the number lately that's going his way is this gdp. that's the latest thing he's hanging his hat on. i'm wondering whether it's justification for the president to do more of the stuff he tried this week. rob, this is to you. >> every good number means spend ing works? >> no, of course not. i don't believe that at all. i think you have to spend correctly and i also believe that lower taxes will help insenttivize people. what i'm saying is you want to look at a benchmark to see if things are getting better, you look at the stock market, you look at gdp and employment trends. if they're getting better, you have to assume that some of the stuff you're doing is helping. that's the only thing i'm trying to say. >> the stock market year to date is in the tank. so is it really in the right direction? particularly since president obama came after the banks. it's in the tank.
santorum joins us live here in washington. has he been demonized, bolshevik sounds like he's watching tv and listening to critics on tv. >> he tries to make this all about tone. he tries to make this about partisan politics. it is not. the reason that republicans are going -- makes him sound a bolshevik because it is a hard left plan. he had to twist arms of 40 seat that majority in the house to get a one vote majority to pass this bill. twist arms to get and cut deals to get it through the senate this is way out the mainstream of america. >> greta: talking about health care. what about the stimulus bill? which was party lines as well. >> members, lots of republicans who wanted to vote for something. they didn't want to go home, almost 10% -- at that point it wasn't 10%, 8% unemployment. there were plenty of votes if he would have reached out. what you saw here today, maybe it will change now that scott brown is in town and they have to talk to republicans. get grow we don't know what he's like. >> but i'm saying now that he needs to get at least republican vote to pass things in the un
. darren gersh, "nightly business report", washington. >> tom: here are the stories in tonight's "nbr newswheel". so much for wall street's early gains on that strong g.d.p. number. stocks turned south at midday on worries the pace of economic growth can't stay that high. commodity and tech stocks were hit hard. the dow fell 53 points, the nasdaq dropped 31, and the s&p 500 was down ten. a closer look coming up in "market focus". toyota says a fix is coming soon. next week, the automaker plans to tell millions of customers how it will fix their gas pedals. the associated press reports toyota is shipping new gas pedal assemblies to its plants to get production rolling again. honda, the other big japanese carmaker, is recalling the honda fit for a potential fire hazard. nearly 650,000 of the compact cars are at risk around the world. the motor on the power windows could overheat and catch fire. and tesla motors, a boutique maker of electric sportscars, wants to go mainstream. late today it filed for a $100 million initial public offering. it will use the money to develop its brand. >> s
for washington state. and on the wing in the defensive zone. >> miles: coach bone talked about when they were practicing this zone defense yesterday, they want to recognize who the shooters are. they want to make gaddy a jump shooter. he's only shooting 2-17 from the three point line. they want to extend out to isaiah thomas if he catches out behind the line. >> steve: right now it seems like washington state is matching washington with their defensive intensity. and clay thompson coming in, we told you missed the bus yesterday just by a few minutes. they held it up to him, but because he did not get to the bus in time, did not start, he comes in and two minutes into the game with a 3-0 lead. >> miles: when you're used to starting, we'll see how that can affect your psyche. and great back to back back cut down the floor for the could you arrests. that's how you beat overplay on defense. >> steve: early in this game reggie moore not playing like a freshman. >> steve: here's breshers. he's alone in the middle and drops it home. >> miles: did g. strong move over casto, the leading shot blocker.
that what is it, whicis partisan. this speech will not be a game changer, to use th washington cliche. it is a st in the right direction, but a sma step. >> charles >> i tught it was great success, apart from being arrogant, condescenng, dismissive, self-coddng, petulant, and lecturing in wn. it was wonrful. look, this is a man who was buked in three stas -- virginia, new jersey, and overwhelmily in massachusetts, and gives a speech in which everyone is to blame -- the democrats, theepublicans, and the citizens, cept him. >> colby >> am not sure i can give quite the rave view that trust it. -- than a charles just days. got a bomb inhe polls, but terms of the audience, -- a mpn the pollsut in terms of the audience right the, i don'think it chang one vote. i think he has aough job ahead him, republicans will remain where they are, and he will have to fight harto get democts to do things he wants to do. >> jnne, what y think? >> agree with colby. i ought was a better sech than most people here do. i though was a good sech. he was not doing tt gauzy inspiratnal thing and was more convers
the road. >> reporter: melika washington overestimated her s.u.v.'s four-wheel drive. >> it's bad on the side roads. i thought the highway would be better but it's not any better. >> reporter: on the road to hilton head, south carolina, the wintry mix may have put a circhg into weekend plans. >> i have my golf clubs in the car. i should have brought ice skates. >> reporter: making matters worse-- subfreezing temperatures. thick ice coated tree limbs and power lines. more than 200,000 people lost electricity from oklahoma to virginia. but while the adults were shoveling, children sought out the highest hill they could find for sledding. and in washington, where up to eight inches fell, the giant panda didn't didn't seem to mind the weather but the storm cut short tai shan's farewell party. he's headed back to china next week. so while storm moves off the coast, temperatures in the teens are expected to keep icy roads crus. in fact the department of transportation says it may be two to three days before some roads are safe to drive again. >> glor: okay, joel brown tonight. thank yo
see sometimes up in washington. >> they gave president obama a tour of the company that employs 39, including jerome green, who met the president face to face. >> out of nowhere, just for them to call up like they did tuesday morning and said the president is coming, it blew us away. >> the company has very well during the recession, with contracts locked in. they like the incentives the president announced today, including tax breaks for new hires. a dozen people call today looking for work. >> i think the president picked this company because it was manufacturing. it is people who make something. we want to make america great again. >> no one, including the company executives themselves, are completely sure why this was their moment, a moment also shared by a mayor in waiting. >> maybe the president is making amends to the city of baltimore and the state of maryland. >> thanks for all the great work you do. thanks for hosting me. i know you guys probably have to fuss a little bit to get ready for us, but from my perspective, it was a great visit. >> the people here say they have
of snow from washington, d.c. as we look at the white house where there is a steady snow falling. washington, d.c. was just upgraded to a winter storm warning. areas of virginia could see anywhere from eight to 12 inches of snow and of course snow, sleet and ice left two thirds of the country in a deep freeze. winter storm warnings from eastern tennessee to virginia. let's get the latest on the storm developments from nbc's meteorologist ginger zee who's taking the storm for us. it's been busy. good morning. >> it's been a busy three days with this storm. it started in texas. oklahoma felt it. they have power outages there. as you mentioned, winter storm warnings exist in virginia and north carolina. just slightly west from that region. so you can see the coral color. that's where the worst of the storm will be today. now, it is moving quickly. that's good news. you can see here the snowy end in virginia and north now. it's mostly got an eastern track. there is a high pressure system above it that's blocking it out from areas like boston and new york. now, it's going to leave nit
"hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, obama visits the elephant house. president obama met with house republicans today in an extraordinary confrontation. carried live here on msnbc. it was an event the likes of which we have never seen. never seen ever, akin to the prime minister's question time over in great britain. the president took the republicans' questions up in baltimore and he did it with passion, precision and expertise. it reminded a lot of people why they voted for the guy in the first place. was history made today? a new precedent for, maybe just breaking the political gridlock in this city. >>> don't ask, don't tell, will that policy finally be changed? a man from pennsylvania has a unique experience of being a congressman and former navy admiral. he'll say why it's time to go. >>> we start with president obama and the remarkable meeting with house republicans up in baltimore. here's the president at the beginning of that event today. talking about the tone of washington, and specifically, the big fight over health care. he began by
the trials just blocks from ground zero. molly henneberg is following the story live in washington. molly, both republicans and democrats spoke out about the idea, what are they saying. >> molly: that would lead to a security and traffic nightmare and cost over one billion dollars to try the five al-qaeda terrorists including the 9/11 mastermind in manhattan. they want the obama administration to change course. lisfen to this. >> they don't have any idea of the impact or security implications but they made such a decision, it was driven by ideology. now it's blowing up in their faces. >> we are just elated that our concerns are being considered by the president and the federal government. >> molly: the obama administration has not said definitely that the trials will be moved, just that officials are, quote, considering options. >> gregg: what does the administration do now. >> molly: even now they are trying to figure a way to pay for the extra security. a senior source tells fox there may be a line in the president's budget proposing $200 million to help pay for increased security for w
washington post wrote on the 2008 campaign. i am sure we have copies in the front tonight. haines was a political reporter with the washington star when i first met him. he has written -- get this -- 16 books. some of which were co-authored with pierce. i was thinking it is a tribute to haines that so many of the books, not a majority but so many were written with other journalists. herb bloch was born in 1909 and he died in 2001. in between, he had a long and glorious career. he joined the washington post after serving in world war ii. his cartoons were so brilliantly thought out that he often defined the time. he is credited with inventing the expression mccarthyism in a 1950s cartoon. he won the pulitzer three times including 1964 after he published the defining cartoon on john kennedy's assassination, lincoln at the memorial weeping. many of her block's cartoons are etched in our memory. this generous book that haines has produced contains many of herlock's drawings and excellent explanatory text. the narrative gives us a historical context for the cartoons especially for peop
in washington, d.c. heavier snow towards richmond. when you look to the south, we have freezing rain into southern virginia and in north carolina. freezing rain is just a nature to travel in. you can't get traction on the roads. the problem is we are not looking at a let-up. we see the temperatures. it's really cold out there. 19 degrees in richmond. 19 in roanoke, virginia. 22 in raleigh and 26 in charlotte. if you are in this region, this is the perfect weekend to just stay inside. we are not going to see a meltdown for a while. it will stay cold today, tonight and tomorrow. taking a look at what we can expect of the rest of the day, the heavy snow will persist in this region. thanks to this dome of high pressure right here, what we are going to see is a blockage keeping the storm further to the south, the northeast looking much better and dry. cold, but dry. more coming up. >> thanks, bonnie. >>> this fierce winter storm could get even worse in the carolinas. record snowfall there maybe topped off by a treacherous ice storm. tamara standing by in north carolina. very snowy, while
's moving east and bringing with it three to five inches of snow for washington, d.c. there's the proof of it right now. we give you a live look all the the white house where the steady snow is falling there. areas of virginia could get eight to 12 inches of snow. and snow, sleet and ice left about two-thirds of the country in a deep freeze. winter storm warnings in effect from eastern tennessee to virginia and also developing today, new information on how the storm is shutting down air travel for thousands. suffice it to say it's a mess. we are going to ginger who's following the developments for us. good morning to you. a busy day. >> good morning to you. i have been watching the numbers and the snow is piling up. a lot of times it's piled up on top of ice. that's when it gets really messy. you have power outages and it's cold behind the storms, really cold. we feel it in the northeast. the midwest has been feeling it for days. you can see the map with the watches and warnings. the winter storm warning is the deep coral color. that's the area that will be affected. more snow all in to
of things here and there, light snow showers south of the yellow line. that puts it just south of washington. on the eastern shore over the virginia cape there is some snow, but all north is still in the clouds. that line is creeping north slowly. we will see it move further north. more on where the snow will wind up today in a minute. let's look outside and put in the latest numbers. 20 at the airport. it would be colder if it was not for the fact that we had the number breeze. -- if we had that north breeze. this early in the morning the humidity is iran 80%, so the atmosphere is really -- the humidity is up around 80%, so the atmosphere is really dry. the barometric pressure is really high. temperatures -- 20 degrees at the airport. only 19 in randallstown. heavier clouds began to move over us now. this is an indication we might get snow around this area with some ice in the carolinas. the storm center is near the gulf coast region. it will be moving off the coast, but not up along the mid- atlantic coast line. it will be going out to sea. high pressure in the great lakes will hold this s
at the moment. the newly elected senator shifting the balance in washington. what he says about the president reaching out to republicans. the barbara walters exclusive. >>> states of emergency. the snow and ice leaving tens of thousands in the dark across the south. so many people facing a third night without heat. >>> and jump start. we now learn from toyota when those new gas pedals are coming. just as american car companies shift into high gears, telling customers, let's make a deal. >>> govening. >>> good evening. the trial of the alleged 9/11 mastermind would have been close to the sight of the 9/11 attacks here in new york city. if the white house had its way. but in an about-face, lawmakers who once said yes, are now rejecting the white house plan. citing cost and fear. and because of that, abc news has learned that the plan is essentially off the table. so, what next? we begin with our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: new york city officials were blunt. forget about it. no to plan to try alleged 9/11 mastermind and other suspected al qaeda leaders in new york
in washington. >> the owner gave the president a tour of the company that employs 39 people. this person met the president face to face. >> just for them to cullis out of nowhere -- it blew us away. >> the company has pared well during the recession with contracts locked in. they like the incentives the president announced such as tax breaks for new hires. within half an hour of the visits, a dozen people called looking for work. >> i think the president went to this company because it was manufacturing. when you make something, we will make america great again. >> the company executives are not sure what this was the moment. it was shared by a mayor in waiting. >> maybe the president is making amends to baltimore for things he may have wanted to do at an earlier time. >> thanks for all of the great work you do. thanks for hosting me. i am sure you had to get ready for us. from my perspective, it was a great visit. >> the people here say they have never been politically connected before. after a high-profile visit like this one, they may be now. the president hopes his trip to baltimore will
are we. >> reporter: well, this is an interesting moment in washington. polls repeatedly show america is fed up with washington's ways, so both sides are trying to show it's the other guy's fault for all this partisan gridlock. >> savannah guthrie starting us off at the white house tonight. they are going to take all this videotape apart in primetime on msnbc. take another look at exactly what transpired today. >>> we move to another front news on the economy tonight. the broadest measure of growth surged in the last three months of 2009. fourth quarter gross domestic product in this country grew at an annual rate of 5.7%. that's way above what mo analysts had expected here. much of the gain due to businesses rebuilding depleted inventories. the dow, however, down 53 points. stocks now down more than 6% from their highs earlier this month. now we tn to toyota's big problems, and the growing anger and frustration on the part of a lot of toyota owners. meantime, it was another day of confusion over how this potentially deadly problem with accelerator pedals in so many cars will be fixed
of the totals we have for you. at pimlico, right here in the city, 5 inches. baltimore washington airport, and this is not the final number, 1.7 inches. 4.7 @ frederick and bel air as 3 inches of snow. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. we want to check the road to see how things are going. kim? >> it is still stalling out here. you can see that. we have seen some snowplows go by here, but because the snow is still coming down, the road keeps getting covered. it looks very slick. definitely use extra caution if you are driving this morning -- tomorrow morning or tonight. the snow has not stopped since this morning. it made for some treacherous conditions on the road all day, leading some stranded. baltimore city has 152 pieces of equipment snow plowing and salting. they're focused on the primary roads, but they say as of now, 6:00 p.m., they are starting to clear secondary roads. as the snow continues, and word of warning from officials. >> we do encourage people that do not have to leave their homes to please stay home. we have our snowplow team. keep a safe distanc
? >> couric: chip reid at the white house tonight. thank you. bob schieffer is our chief washington correspondent and anchor of "face the nation." so, bob, who was right in that last exchange about the budget: the president or the congressman >> well, actually, katie, both of them, as is usually the case here. the congressman was operating from congressional budget office numbers, the president from numbers provided by by his budget director. so they both have the stats to back up their conclusion. but the truth is that these long-range projections are worthless because no one can predict events over ten years, what wars we're going to have, disasters and so on. so no one can really know how much the government will have to spend. what they do know, though, is that spending has gone through the roof and neither side has an easy answer on how to control it. >> couric: and what do you think, bob? was this meeting a game-changer, as the white house hopes? >> you know, i thought so at first. i thought it might at least be a game-starter. there was a totally different tone than what we'v
up with gridlock in washington, the lack of bipartisanship is fast becoming a partisan issue. >> i can look you in the eye and say we have not been obstructionists. >> they didn't send us to washington to fight each other in a political steel cage match to see who comes out alive. >> reporter: republicans began by presenting the president with a booklet of ideas and as many complains mr. obama spent the last year ignoring them. >> multiple times from your administration there have been statements that republicans have no idea of the solutions. >> reporter: other sore spots remain. at the top of the list, jobs and how to create more of them. >> will you consider supporting across the board tax relief. >> reporter: the $787 billion stimulus, target of republican attacks, resulted in two million jobs and hit back at gop critics. >> a lot of you have gone to appear at ribbon cuttings for the same projects you voted against. >> reporter: despite the talk of getting along and bipartisan comedy, there is a desperate struggle for control. many republicans believe in outside experts concur.
-stars and the friday lightning round right here, right now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. on a day when president obama went to the political lion's den meeting with the house republicans he was able to tout good news for the economy. fourth quarter annual growth rate of 6%. white house correspondent wendell goler reports that the president is trying to boost those figures by doing something about another set of numbers. the ones dealing with unemployment. >> armed with a bigger than expected increase in economic growth in the last three months of last year, the president visited a baltimore small business and proposed a tax cut to spur job creation this year. >> employers like terry, would get a tax credit of up to $5,000 for each and every employee that they add in 2010. and you will get a tax break for increases in salaries as well. >> the current 5.7% annual growth rate reflects the second quarterly increase in a row, that could mean the recession is technically over. but the chair of the president's council of economic advisors chris tena romer would only say it's th
. everyone was sort of chaed upbout it. all of washington is actually very excited abt it. peopleere thrilled. mean, and democrats were very thrilled. the president's naturay going to dominatan event like tha he's got the podiu theyre just holding ndhelds. but republicans re thrilled too. i spoke to a bunch of republicans who were tre afteards and people who are-- . >> lehr: what did they y. they were happy. theyaid he said all along we don have plans but over and ov again he acknowledged yeah, wdo ha alternatives, we've been offering them. so they acknowledged that got most of the time, did very well. but they werthrilled that they got sompoints across. and they we thrilled by e exchange. and i think americans wi be thrled by the exchange, to t extent they see it anwill it lead to a mass depolarizaon, not exactly, viously. and you know, there are fundamenl differences on manys like hlth care there arjust different apoaches. bui think one of the things the presint did very well is list a whole series of thgs on which there is not necessarily differences. things like-- >> lehrer: he ma a poin
's the same message i saw in july when i was going to the 67 counties in pennsylvania. washington establishment told me to sit down and not to run. we're tired of the establishment to dictate interest for us. what you saw in massachusetts was writing on the wall that if any leadership of the distribute establishment had been looking around the corner trying to listen, they would have been leading and wouldn't have been dictating arlen specter. who has actually savaged us with the recession as a establishment's nominee? no. this is a rightfully anti-incumbency crowd that is saying we want a change in politics, not just policy. >> this is among registered voters by franklin & marshall. how do you make that up? apparently half the voters in pennsylvania on the democrats' side haven't figured out what they want to say, because you only get 13% and 30% accounted for so far. where are they going? >> that's terrific. as you can see, i'm through the line in the secondary. already headed towards the goalline. as ed rendell, the governor said the other evening, at this stage of the game, wh
with revelations about a man who could had been your president, and washington insiders say could had put the democratic party in political jeopardy. this week, john edwards former democratic presidential contender admitting to fathering a child out of wedlock after lying to everyone, the american public, about it. the lure details are released today in a book called "the politician." it is authored by edwards' longtime confident andrew young. had surplanted to young to claim that he was the baby's father. >> there wasn't a lot of time sit back and to contemplate, hey is this logical? was it logical, no. was it stupid, yes. did we do the right thing morally, no. absolutely not. >> let's bring in our cnn's mark pressor. he's our editor here. he said that young was motivated by money but this is certainly explosive and imagine if edwards had been appointed to office or elected to office now it would be a huge fallout. >> it would be a huge fallout. you know something, young acknowledges that in fact he is motivated by the money. he said that in the book. he says that john edwards was going
to the president's call to end the fighting in washington, d.c. they got together today, cameras rolling, questions flying. you can decide for yourself if they're walking the walk. >>> later, he barely blinked when the jury convicted him of first-degree murder. scott roeder had plenty to say about why he walked up to an abortion provider in church, put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. you'll hear it and we'll talk to the doctor picking up the victim eets practice. >>> what is shaping up to be one of the few bits of joy to come out of haiti these days. flight leaving port-au-prince with more than 120 orphans on board including we believe a little boy whose name is jonsley. he's being reunited with his cousins. he's beginning a new life. when we read the report you're about to see, his future wasn't so certain. we met him at an orphanage we visited many times in haiti. there are many more like it and many more girls and boys just like jonsley. take a look. these babies are still living in the back of a truck in the heat with the flies. with an uncertain food supply and a less certain future.
roads with ice. >> just going to drive slow and hope for the best. >> reporter: washington, d.c. is expecting up to eight inches of snow and blistering winds there have made the temperature feel like it was in the single digits. flurries cover the white house with a flesh layer of powder. with air roads dangerously slick, the d.c. department of transportation urged residents to leave their cars at home. this week as the storm swept across the plains it left behind a trail of darkness, across oak oh, 140,000 people are still without electricity after a half inch of ice built up on trees and power lines. at one point, winter storm warnings stretched across 15 states from alabama to maryland. a massive system impacting 30 million people. >> well, the storm is really winding down but it's very cold across the mid-atlantic region so the roads are going to be treacherous tonight and even more so farther south where they don't have a lot of snow removal equipment. >> reporter: but the kids have all the equipment they need. snowballs and sleds to make this an ideal weinter weekend. pe
they want, either, is for washington to continue being so washington-like. >> he began his visit with a tour of a manufacturing facility, the chesapeake machine company employs 40 people. they build solar panels. >> to see him, to say hi, to listen to his speech. it was a great experience for me. a once in a lifetime thing, and i enjoyed having a chance to meet the president. >> the president is calling for new tax breaks for small businesses like chesapeake to add more workers and today the administration got good news about the economy that it grew faster over the last quarter than it has in the past six years. >>> maryland officials are cheering the navy decision to re-establish its tenth fleet cyber command and the jobs that go with it at fort meade. it will focus on efforts to defend the nation's computer systems from a cyber attack. >>> military officials say that baltimore based navy hospital seats usnf comfort has reached its care limit. we're told the doctors, nurses, and technicians aboard the comfort have treated more than 3,000 people. in haiti, doctors and aid workers are runnin
process in washington, the headlines and the overall coverage seemed to take a bit softer tone. the philadelphia inquirer has the president seizing the moment. the news and observer again, a humbler obama tries to reconnect and san jose news calls the speech feisty with the president on the defense. let's talk about it, jim, did the president win over the media with the speech? >> he didn't win over katie couric who i thought gave him a very tough interview where she asked, you know, asked did the administration drop the ball and so and and so on. but i thought the most revealing factoid of the last week was from the center for media and public affairs which concluded, according to the washington times, that obama got more favorable coverage than reagan, clinton and bush 43 put together in their first years. >> jon: what about that moment, elliss, in the speech where the president was lambasting the supreme court for the earlier decision in the week about campaign finance and you catch justice alito seeming to mouth the words "not true". >> not true, not true. >> jon: how was t
power from george washington to george w. bush. author john yoo talks about his book, "crisis and command" on part of our book tv weekend on c-span2. >> in the nation's capital and across the country, listen to c-span radio in washington at 90.1 f.m. and on xm satellite radio. it is also a free ap for your iphone. covering washington like no other. >> next on c-span, today's "washington journal" live with your phone calls. that's followed by c.e.o. of lender freddie mac at the economic club, and secretary tim geithner testifies on capitol hill about the collapse of insurance giant a.i.g. >> in a moment we'll discuss the president's decision. at 7:45, art guzetti. at 8:30, kevin carey talking
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